Why Staying In Serviced Studio Apartments Makes More Sense

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serviced studio apartments

Whether it is for leisure or work, the hotel industry has always been the favorite choice for a majority of people. They provide different types of accommodation options. However, people who choose serviced studio apartments are increasing drastically.

The only reason why serviced apartments are so popular among people is that they offer much more compared to other services in the hotel industry. The benefits of serviced studio apartments are many. This is why staying in them makes more sense.

How does serviced accommodation work?

A serviced apartment work in a similar way that most hotels work. You are free to choose how long you are going to stay and where you need to stay. Next, you have to make the bookings. Serviced accommodation includes fully-furnished apartments that are available for both long and short-term stays.

In addition, they provide amenities for everyday use along with housekeeping and other types of services. The services are included in the rental pricing.

What is included in a serviced apartment?

A luxury service apartment is like staying in a hotel but with additional benefits. Here is what a serviced apartment comes with compared to other accommodation solutions.

  1. Concierge services

    Most serviced studio apartments come with concierge services 24×7. The best part about serviced apartments is that they treat guests like most premium hotels do. Moreover, the staff has local knowledge that includes room deliveries, transportation, local cuisine, and many more. A luxury serviced apartment gives you the feel of being at home.

  2. Spacious accommodation

    No wonder, even if you book a large room in a hotel, they lack adequate space. Now, it can make you feel cramped especially when you need to stay for an extended period.

    When you choose a luxury service apartment for accommodation, you are not limited to a single space. Rather, you have more space to lounge in. Serviced apartments are a roomier and more comfortable alternative to ordinary hotel rooms.

  3. Makes you feel at home

    Most people want to make themselves feel at home when they travel. It is something that you cannot expect from a typical hotel. Whereas, the best service apartments in Hyderabad for monthly rent come with amenities that make you feel at home.

    There are separate bedrooms and living rooms. Besides, you can have a fully equipped modern-day kitchen, a workspace with free internet access, and extra space to entertain guests.

  4. A private space

    These days, guests are concerned more about having personal space, especially after the global pandemic. Although a hotel room can provide you with some amount of privacy, some facilities are shared among other guests.

    Serviced apartments give you complete privacy throughout your stay. You can enjoy your living area, kitchen, and bathroom. You do not have to bother anyone while you stay.

  5. A touch of luxury

    With the rising demand for rentals, the standard of accommodation has increased a lot. It is easy to find affordable and stylish serviced apartments in good locations. While you may find stylish and luxurious hotels, they charge a premium price for the added luxuries.

    Sometimes, it might make you feel that you are paying more for the facilities allotted to you. It does not even matter if the hotel is in a great location.

  6. Unmatched services for long stays

    Staying for a short duration at a hotel can be enjoyable. However, it might not be the best option when you need to stay for many days. The good news is that serviced accommodations are perfect for any length of your stay.

    Whether it is for several weeks or even months, serviced apartments provide you with all the necessities and the freedom to live in your room.

  7. Affordability

    The cost of both hotel rooms and serviced apartments vary considerably. You can find a variety of options in both cases. So, the price that you pay depends on the standard of the chosen accommodation, size, and location.

    But serviced apartments turn out to be an affordable option because they have self-catering facilities. Having a kitchen can save you a lot of money that you have to spend when eating outside.

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