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Are you tempted by the flexibility and amenities provided by an apartment? If so, you may have heard about serviced apartments. Typically, a luxury serviced apartment is a specialized kind of accommodation made available to travelers who are either for a short or long stay.

These apartments come with all the comforts that make you feel at home, especially when going on a long trip. Continue reading the post to learn more about it.

What is a luxury service apartment?

A luxury serviced apartment is the umbrella term used to represent a furnished apartment available for both short-term and long-term stays. Not many people know but serviced apartments have long been a part of the hospitality industry and have been making an impact.

These apartments provide guests with a variety of services along with amenities. Serviced apartments offer you facilities similar to that of a traditional hotel. However, they add extra space, convenience, and privacy. That way, you can enjoy your stay when traveling and feel at home.

Serviced studio apartments come with private cooking facilities, large living areas, restaurant access, concierges, conference rooms, and other hotel-like services. Also, they come with a full-size kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and other appliances.

The expression ‘Serviced Apartment’ has minimal usage outside business travel or corporate relocation markets. Furthermore, many hotels providing the service have always referred to them as ‘apartments’ rather than addressing them as a separate category.

Also, they offer the option of alternative hotel rooms to their guests as well. Despite that, the sector has an impact on people who travel for pleasure because they find serviced apartments cost-effective and credible alternatives to luxury hotel rooms.

The service apartments in Hyderabad for monthly rent are economical for longer stays, family parties, or group travel. As a result, it allows you to save a lot on dining out while offering in-house entertainment.

In short, a luxury service apartment allows you to maintain the lifestyle of a local. Besides, serviced studio apartments offer different types of membership to drive them up in the industry while maintaining the right standards.

How does serviced accommodation work?

As said, a luxury service apartment is a kind of furnished accommodation available either for a long stay or a short one. The best part is that the apartments come with the comforts that make you feel at home.

You can have adequate space to unwind whereas amenities such as Wi-Fi and a phone keep your communication up. In addition, they have outstanding housekeeping services, improved security measures, and a 24-hour customer care department.

Besides, other kinds of luxury amenities are offered to the guests as well. All these utilities make serviced apartments special in every aspect of staying luxuriously. Apart from that, the apartments are professionally managed and are available to guests all year round.

The quality and level of customer care, security, and safety make service apartments in Hyderabad for monthly rent unmatched from other forms of stay. The convenience, privacy, and flexibility of the serviced apartments reflect that they fulfill the needs of travelers.

And, that even includes professionals who are on short-term visits for business trips. Moreover, serviced studio apartments work wonders for long-term professional renters too. For a group of people or even a small family who are on holiday, these apartments make their stay special and memorable.

Lastly, people who are looking for a temporary settlement during home renovations need comfortable accommodation that makes them feel at home. And, the best service apartments in Hyderabad for monthly rent will provide them with what they need.

What is included in a serviced apartment?

  • A designated sleeping area in studio apartments
  • One or more bedrooms
  • A fully equipped modern-day kitchen
  • A bathroom filled with necessary amenities,
  • Wi-Fi, TV, and phone connectivity
  • A spacious living space for a few people to live comfortably
  • An outstanding housekeeping service that gives you peace of mind

Benefits of choosing a serviced apartment for a long trip:

  • A variety of options
  • Self-catering services
  • Customer care 24×7
  • Housekeeping included
  • Professionally managed space
  • Quality assurance
  • Advanced security systems
  • Located mostly in prime locations
  • Guest amenities include a pool, gym, etc.
  • A home environment with conveniences like luxury hotels
  • Easy extension of stay duration
  • Privacy
  • Great value for money

Why choose a luxury serviced apartment for a long trip?

Not only serviced accommodation comes with benefits that you find in luxury hotels, but also includes more luxury and convenience. However, the major difference comes in the form of customer care. As such, it gives you an improved experience. Also, the added security features and emergency assistance makes you feel relaxed in every aspect.

Serviced apartments offer you high-quality customer care and luxury combined with a homely feel that you get from a private rental. It saves you time and money without the need to compromise on your freedom.

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