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Serviced Apartment

With business travels on the rise, luxury serviced studio apartments are witnessing a major drift. No wonder, they have become a common element in the hospitality industry. What makes a luxury service apartment impressive and a common choice for people with extended stays are the services that they provide.

Although serviced apartments are available for short-duration stays, most people choose them for long-duration stays. Additionally, these fully furnished apartments come with amenities such as free internet access, remarkable room service, and a standalone kitchen.

How does serviced apartment work?

A serviced apartment gives you a more homely feel compared to that of a traditional hotel room. These apartments provide you with the right amenities to make your stay stress-free. In a nutshell, you can have a memorable time when you stay in one of the best service apartments in Hyderabad like Hotel At Home Suites either for business or leisure.

Serviced apartments are different from classic hotel rooms in many ways. So, they have been increasingly popular among people who are on the move. If you are planning to book a serviced apartment for monthly rent, it is good to know how they work and what you can expect from them.

Check-in with ease

The process of checking in at serviced apartments varies considerably. Most of the time, it depends on its location and how large it is. However, some of them come with a typical hotel-style reception.

As such, the check-in process is similar to that of a traditional hotel. Whereas, in other places, a meet-and-greet style is organized to make the atmosphere more welcoming upon guests’ arrival. Typically, it takes place at the serviced studio apartment itself thereby making the check-in procedure quick and simple.

Amazing housekeeping

A luxury service apartment is professionally cleaned. Hence, you can expect the highest levels of cleanliness after entering the room. While you can find similar services in some of the best hotel rooms, there is a bit of difference.

Serviced apartments offer their guests the option to choose how frequently the room should be cleaned. The best part is that you get daily housekeeping service, unlike ordinary hotel rooms. Infrequent visits from the cleaning team are a common sight in normal hotels.

Great catering service

With a functional kitchen equipped with necessary appliances for daily needs, serviced apartments allow you to cook your favorite dishes. These apartments include all the facilities and equipment to fulfill your requirement.

Therefore, serviced studio apartments give you the flexibility to cook and eat at your convenience. Still, if you do not have the mood to cook, there is room service and in-house restaurants that provide you with the food of your choice.

Unmatched security

Another feature that makes serviced apartments the only choice for many people is the level of security that they provide. When you have great security features, you do not have to worry about privacy as well.

You can come and go as you want without the need to interact with anyone. Most apartments come with 24-hour security, key-code access to rooms, and safes to store your valuable items. If security concerns you more than anything, a luxury service apartment is where you should stay.

Other facilities

When it comes to narrowing down their choices of where to stay, people tend to look for facilities that the place can provide. Sometimes, the decision to stay at a place depends on the quality and type of services that they offer.

Staying at a serviced apartment ensures that you do not have to lose out on certain facilities. These might include a fitness center, spa, laundry, business services, meeting facilities, room service, and so on. Most of the serviced apartments come with these amenities and even more.

In some complexes, there are adequate options for entertainment available to the guests so that they do not have to leave the place and look out somewhere else. Having an impressive array of great facilities within reach is what serviced apartments are popular for.

Why choose serviced apartments?

People travel to different cities either for work or to spend quality time with their loved ones. Sometimes the stay could be for a few days, a few weeks, or even a month. However, finding suitable accommodation at an affordable price is what concerns many.

Not only individuals who travel frequently, but also professionals have to bear the massive costs associated with long-duration stays at hotels. On the other hand, choosing an apartment for monthly rent come with undesirable obligations.

In that case, opting for a serviced apartment is a viable option if you seek comfort and peace of mind at a reasonable price. We, at Hotel At Home Suites, offer serviced studio apartments that include all the necessary amenities. Go ahead and make your booking.

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